Friday, November 28, 2008

Home Staging PMS

Staging may be the toughest job that I'll ever love!

But when I prepare for a vacant stage, I turn into a staging zombie. Yesterday I completed my fourth vacant stage in four weeks. By now, my children are sick of hearing about what window treatments will go where, the color schemes for the different homes, how lovely the lamp will look on the sofa table... on and on. I get the infamous eye-roll and a less than enthusiastic "WHATEVER."

When I have a vacant stage approaching, I completely go through Staging PMS. Here are the symptoms:

  • Irritability: "I cannot find my blue vase in my over-grown inventory!"
  • Irrational thoughts: "Sure, I can fit all of this into my van!"
  • Mood swings: "Everything is ready. No it's not... I have got to go shopping right now!"
  • Compulsiveness: All waking thoughts (and sometimes sleeping ones) are about the project.
  • Chocolate Cravings: OK, this one is NOT necessarily staging related.

In the end, everything comes together, the staged homes look beautiful, my husband comes out from hiding, and all is well with the world! ...until my phone rings!

Later, k.

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